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About Us

About Us
Activity Partners d.o.o. Pod Luku 15, 21223, Okrug Gronji ID CODE: OIB: 43235682063 CEO & Founder: Ivan Danolić Manager: Ivan Danolić

The company was established in 2023, headed by a director and founder; mr. Ivan Danolić, a great enthusiast who managed into a successful business. The company operates with 5 employees, and boasts an impressive number of equipment and quality, which makes us one of the leading agencies of this type in entire Croatia! 

Following the desire to fulfil all your needs and wishes, we have designed dynamic, creative, interactive and most fun entertaining tours tailored to the specific requirements of the group. 

Each of these tours is lead by professional and creative guides, so you will always keep this adventure in good memory and they will ensure that every individual participant feels comfortable and satisfied.

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